1,499.00 TL


Steam Generator Iron and Resistance, Fanless Ironing Board
Steam Generator Iron and Resistance, Fanless Ironing Board
1,499.00 TL
DIMENSIONS Width: 44,5 cm Lenght: 45cm Height: 98 cm Weight: 15 kg
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  • Product Features+
    • Rated Power: 2200W (1300W steam generator boiler, 850W iron soleplate heating, 50W blowing/suction fan on board)
    • Steam Generator Type: Pressurized Boiler Model
    • Steam Pressure: 3.5 bar
    • Steam Ready: In 8 min
    • Steam Regulation : Yes
    • Vertical Steaming : Yes
    • Boiler Capacity: 1lt
    • Board : Blowing / Suction
    • Detachable Steam Generator Unit : Yes
    • Iron Soleplate : Velour(Velvet) soleplate
    • Wheels : Yes (2 wheels on one leg)
    • Board Storage: Folded upright storage without support
    • Iron Storage Compartment: Yes
    • Leg Design: Crosslinked
    • Board Cloth: High quality ironing pad with embroidery Singer logo
    • Accessories: Silicon iron soleplate wrap, water filling cup, professional steam tube holder, garment hanger
    • Dimensions: 145 x 45 x 98 cm (unfolded), 145 x 53 x 23 cm (folded)
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • 4.5 bar high pressure steam allows best and fastest ironing against stubborn creases.
    • 15 mm stainless steel boiler ensures longer boiler life and endurance to high temperatures.
    • Pressurized vertical steam is helpful in applying quick garment steaming on ugly creases, sanitizing the garments against bacteria and removing bad odor from the garments.
    • Steam generator unit can be detached from the board to be carried away and used with other ironing boards as a stand-alone steam generator. Detachable steam generator feature is also useful for the cleaning and maintenance purposes of the steam generator.
    • Steam can be regulated by a steam knob adjusted to every fabric type. Steam ready and water level indicators helps to know when to top-up water and use steam.
    • Professional Velour(Velvet) iron soleplate: A special galvanized aluminum technology to provide excellent gliding surface and longer material life compared to the other professional type conventional aluminum iron soleplates.
    • Suction/blowing switch allows to pick the suction or blowing mode on the board according to the garment. Blowing function is best for delicate fabrics like silk and nylon while suction mode is used for linen/cotton garments and jeans.
    • Crosslinked legs allow more space for both left and right hand ironing around both side of the integrated board.
    • A hanger is attached to the steam generator unit for hanging garments during ironing.
    • A professional steam tube holder is attached to the steam generator unit for convenience in ironing.
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