Singer Turkey's General Manager SİNEM KINRAN PARLAK...
Although sewing first sounds nostalgic, it is now a delightful and enjoyable hobby. As for sewing machine users; sewing one's own clothes goes beyond just being a hobby and turns out to be a lifestyle in time. Turkish women do not sew as many clothes as previously due to affordable prices of textile products in our country. Once being on the first rows of our dowry lists, sewing machines are now used for hobby purposes or to perform some daily and simple repairs.
According to researches, sewing has many psychological benefits, as well. It makes people feel relaxed and clears people's minds. Therefore, sewing is among the recommendations of psychologists. When women spare just 10 minutes a day for sewing in their busy schedules, they get shocked to see how relaxed they feel.

Sewing, creating new things for yourself or your beloved ones and transforming old things into more useful things make people extremely happy. You can change your existing clothes; print your initials on your shirts; scan your patterns and then turn them into embroidery or print them on fabrics; embroider your child's photograph-name and do many more things by just using your imagination and sewing machine.

Our deep roots, as Singer, extending to local cultures and markets around the world constitute the unique heritage we have taken over, as well as the basis of our future growth. As a "local" multinational company in reality, we have been offering our knowledge diversity and international expertise for our Turkish customers for 110 years.
Our long-term success requires committing ourselves to superior performance and efficiency standards, and effective co-working as well as sticking our hearts and souls to new ideas and desiring to learn always.

We believe that if we want to achieve success, we should adopt the highest corporate behavior standards towards our employees, consumers, society and the world.

We have always wholeheartedly believed in the powers of our brands to enhance life standards of people, and that we have always done the right thing. As our company grows, our responsibilities increase, as well. We think that one of the main problems of our country is education. Therefore; we, as Singer, strive to do our part by providing support to education with our social responsibility projects. Thinking about more extensive impacts of our actions is inherent in our values and constitutes the fundamental component of our character.

As the globally leading brand of sewing machine industry, we will always keep introducing innovations and handing down sewing, an essential part of our lives, to the next generations.