“Security of Your Personal Information”

All information you would share with us on our online shopping site are under guarantee by our superior service quality. protects and treats customer information with utmost care and confidentially. This service approach is also offered and demonstrated through our website for a secure shopping experience. warrants that it shall keep all personal information (name, address, e-mail, telephone, fax, shopping list etc.) of customers received due to online shopping transactions confidential and shall not share the same with any persons, organizations or institutions without prior information or consent of our customers or unless we are obliged by law to do so.

You do not have to share any personal information with us when you wish to just navigate our website. When you buy product while shopping online, it is mandatory to complete the information required on the form available on our website so that we can deliver the product and let you know about our services. Such information and the address details you enter while shopping online are kept on our system.

We use GLOBALSIGN security layers in order to protect all the information we receive from our customers as well as the system infrastructure and Internet presentations of at the highest security level.

“Payments and Shopping Security”

Confidentiality and security of the information exchanged with users is provided with 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology by GLOBALSIGN, a leading provider of digital certification worldwide.

Your personal information and credit card details are protected with SSL technology on SSL security system is an encryption method developed for safe shopping. It provides safe exchange of information between the web browser you use and the web server of the site to which you are connected. When you navigate and enter data on an SSL-based web site, it is not possible for third persons to trace your transactions.

When you are in a SSL security zone, any data you enter are encrypted automatically by an encryption system in a manner that makes them impossible for third parties to read. Encrypted data can only be decrypted and made intelligible only by the counter web server and only at the right address. Data verification is conducted on both sides and confidentiality of the exchanged data is protected. This authorization is under international assurance.

Your credit card details and other payment details are never saved in any way when you buy a product on Your credit card details are secured by your bank; such details are not stored on database and are not accessible, expect for the respective bank's database. Therefore, you need to enter your credit card and payment details again for every new purchase you made.

“Membership System”

You can navigate and search products on online shopping website without signing up. However, you need to complete signup process before you buy a product.

Signing up to our website is free and takes only a short time. You need to sign up once only during your first shopping. While you sign up, your electronic mail address and a password to be defined by you will be used. Once you sign up, you do not need to enter all the information needed for delivery every time you shop.

“3D Secure and 256 bit SSL”

SSL Certification is used to make sure that your details are actually sent to and ensure security of these details with 256 bit encryption.

All your transactions on are executed within SSL security zones and you are directed to your bank's 3D Secure zone as soon as you start order process for the products you wish to buy. This starts information exchange between server and banks via your internet browser under high security conditions.