SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)

SINGER EM9305 (embroidery only)

Adventure is a stitch away when you add the Singer EM9305 embroidery only machine to your sewing room.
Personalising any project is easier than ever with 150 built-in embroidery designs and built-in lettering. Equipped with a colour touch screen and basic design positioning make design selection and placement a huge time-saver and will produce stunning results.
61,031.00 TL
sewing function: FEATURES
sewing knowledge: FEASIBLE TO USE
model type: embroidery MACHINE MODEL
free shipping FOR ORDERS AT OR ABOVE 600 TL
  • Product Features+
    • Colour Touchscreen: Quickly navigate through the screens and embroidery designs in full colour.
    • Built-In Lettering: Personalise projects with words, phrases and monograms.
    • Free Computer Software: Rotate, mirror, scale, change colour and combine any embroidery designs. Create additional embroidery fonts and more.
    • Large Embroidery Area: Embroider up to 9 1/2″ x 6″ (240x150mm) without rehooping.
    • Basic Design Positioning: Position your embroideries perfectly every time
    • LED Lights: Clearly see your embroidery with LED lighting
    • Start/Stop Function: Easily start or stop embroidering with the touch of a button
    • Heavy Duty Metal Frame: Security of long-lasting durability and stability
    • Embroidery Design Editing and Saving: Enhance your embroidery experience and make it easier than ever to combine beautiful designs and fonts.
    • Automatic Jump Stitch Trim: Cuts jump stitches automatically and saves time
    • Top and bobbin Sensor: You are alerted when thread breaks or is running low
    • USB Design Transfer: Transfer designs quickly and easily
    • Built-in Needle Threader: Reduces eyestrain and saves you time threading
    • Top Drop-in Bobbin: Easy to Thread
    • High Speed Stitching (800/min): High speed for faster results
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