SINGER EM9305 (embroidery only)
19,557.00 TL
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)
SINGER EM9305  (embroidery only)

SINGER EM9305 (embroidery only)

Adventure is a stitch away when you add the Singer EM9305 embroidery only machine to your sewing room.
Personalising any project is easier than ever with 150 built-in embroidery designs and built-in lettering. Equipped with a colour touch screen and basic design positioning make design selection and placement a huge time-saver and will produce stunning results.
19,557.00 TL
sewing function: FEATURES
sewing knowledge: FEASIBLE TO USE
model type: embroidery MACHINE MODEL
free shipping FOR ORDERS AT OR ABOVE 250 TL
  • Product Features+
    • Colour Touchscreen: Quickly navigate through the screens and embroidery designs in full colour.
    • Built-In Lettering: Personalise projects with words, phrases and monograms.
    • Free Computer Software: Rotate, mirror, scale, change colour and combine any embroidery designs. Create additional embroidery fonts and more.
    • Large Embroidery Area: Embroider up to 9 1/2″ x 6″ (240x150mm) without rehooping.
    • Basic Design Positioning: Position your embroideries perfectly every time
    • LED Lights: Clearly see your embroidery with LED lighting
    • Start/Stop Function: Easily start or stop embroidering with the touch of a button
    • Heavy Duty Metal Frame: Security of long-lasting durability and stability
    • Embroidery Design Editing and Saving: Enhance your embroidery experience and make it easier than ever to combine beautiful designs and fonts.
    • Automatic Jump Stitch Trim: Cuts jump stitches automatically and saves time
    • Top and bobbin Sensor: You are alerted when thread breaks or is running low
    • USB Design Transfer: Transfer designs quickly and easily
    • Built-in Needle Threader: Reduces eyestrain and saves you time threading
    • Top Drop-in Bobbin: Easy to Thread
    • High Speed Stitching (800/min): High speed for faster results
Do you want to know your machine either before or after you purchase? Take a look at our tutorials to learn what you can do. Start to use (literally) your machine with all its features.

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