200 Built-In Stitches, 13 Buttonhole Styles
Advanced features ensure that this is a sewing machine you will love for years to come.
31,434.00 TL
sewing function: advanced FEATURES
sewing knowledge: advanced FEASIBLE TO USE
model type: electronic MACHINE MODEL
free shipping FOR ORDERS AT OR ABOVE 600 TL
  • Product Features+
    • LCD touch screen
    • 200 different stitches and decorative patterns
    • One-step automatic buttonhole in 13 different models
    • Capable of applying picot patterns to a maximum width of 7 mm
    • 1 spotter - nostalgic buttonhole
    • 2 fonts
    • Full speed
    • Adjustable stitch width and length
    • 3 StayBright LED lambs
    • Direct access to favorite patterns
    • Electronic thread cutting
    • Electronic thread tension
    • Easy access to enumerated patterns
    • 2 memories - Capable of storing Font-Pattern combinations
    • Creating successive pattern combinations
    • Creating a single pattern
    • Programmable needle up-down function
    • Mirroring function
    • 800 stitch lengths per minute
    • Automatic threading
    • Twin needle function
    • Capable of sewing in parallel and side by side with twin needles (serger stitch) and applying decorative patterns
    • 5-grade textile printing machine adjustment
    • Bartacking function
    • Backstitches
    • Start-stop button - Capable of running without a pedal
    • 5-grade sped control
    • Gear plate dropping
    • Adjustable graded sewing speed
    • 29 needles positions
    • On-Off warning beeps
    • Screen contrast adjustment
    • Bobbin winding - thread cutter
    • Capable of displaying the stitch presser foot, appropriate for the pattern, on the screen
    • Marked threading paths
    • Overlock stitches
    • Handmade-like quilted stitches
    • Cross stitch picot
    • Stipple quilting picot
    • Lateral and vertical mirroring in picot
    • Capable of sewing invisible stitches
    • Capable of sewing zippers
    • Capable of sewing buttons with button sewing function
    • Capable of sewing combed cotton, jersey and knitwear with flexible sewing function
    • Capable of making decorative appliques with blanket stitch
    • Capable of pintucking, cording, curling, and sewing invisible zippers with optional presser feet
    • Capable of applying various embroidery techniques such as Chinese lace and white lace, etc. thanks to compatibility with embroidery hoop
    • Extra wide working area (200 mm)
    • Free lever sewing
    • Built-in accessory box
    • Rapid and silent running
  • Software, Guides and Documents+
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