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54,880.00 TL
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  • Product Features+
    • Air thread loopers. With the SINGER® S0705 overlock machine, you can quickly and easily thread each looper with the push of a lever.
    • Differential feed. Eliminates distorted seams on knit fabrics and puckering of lightweight fabrics. Also used to automatically gather fabric.
    • Lay-in tension. Threads easily slip into the tension discs when the presser foot is raised to threading position.
    • Adjustable stitch length. Stitch length can be adjusted to accommodate various fabrics, thread types and stitch techniques.
    • Adjustable cutting width. The position of the lower knife is adjustable so stitches form neatly on the trimmed fabric edge with no puckersexcess in the looper threads.
    • Adjustable presser foot pressure. The amount of pressure exerted on the fabric by the presser foot can be adjusted as needed to provide smooth fabric feeding, from fine and sheer fabrics to heavythicker fabrics.
    • Dual position needle threader. Easily thread the right and left position needles with the adjustable, built-in needle thriader.
    • Led lighting. Provides clear visibility of the sewing area.
    • Extra presser foot height. Accommodates several layersthick fabrics.
    • Stitch safety lock. Safety lockout prevents the machine from sewing when the front cover is open.
    • All-purpose presser foot. The All-Purpose Presser Foot that is included with the SINGER® S0705 overlock machine can be used with all stitches.
    • Snap-on presser feet. Quickly and easily change to one of the optional presser feet to expand the capabilities of your SINGER® S0705 overlock machine. Optional presser feet sold separately.
    • Electronic speed control. Stitch-by-stitch control with full piercing power at all speeds.
    • Up to 1,300 stitches-per-minute. Sew fast and save time by sewing up to 1,300 stitches-per-minute.
    • Built-in 2-thread converter. Easily convert your SINGER® S0705 overlock machine to 2-thread stitching mode.
    • Built-in thread cutter. The thread cutting knife is conveniently located at the side of the machine making it easy to trim thread chains.
    • Waste tray. Attaches to the SINGER® S0705 overlock machine front to catch fabric trimmings and help keep your sewing area tidy.
  • Software, Guides and Documents+
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